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Short Course fun

Here is some footage of my SCT10 by Turnigy that I took with my GoPRO H2 cam.  The track is a “work in progress”, but it is turning out to be a lot of fun.

Like I said, the truck is a Turnigy SCT10 BL.  It is running the stock 3300kv motor and ??? ESC that came in the truck.  I upgraded the shocks to Pro Line Power Stroke series as the stock shocks were pretty much garbage.

The truck is a clone of the Kyosho Ultima line of SC’s and DB’s.  However, not all parts are interchangeable, and at only 50 dollars cheaper than the Kyosho, Im not certain that just buying the Koyosho wouldnt be the better deal.

The truck handled pretty good with the stocker shocks, but they just leaked horribly after about 2 batteries(rears…the fronts seemed “okay”).  The tires, they could be better and I have ordered some replacements…we will see how that goes.

The truck is faster than I am…so thats a good thing, but my recklessness has damaged the cheap body and I can see a replacement Pro Line body in the not too distant future.

All in all, good truck for the money, and on 2s it rips!  I cant imagine what it would do on 3s…have heard it can handle it, but I think I am fine with the truck on 2 cells.

Anyway, heres the video!




Anyone interested in dropping by for a few laps on the track, drop me a line or give me a call!


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Wolf Creek RC Park

Since several of us are brand new owners of 1/10 scale crawlers, I thought posting some info on a really cool RC Crawler park is in order.

As of the writing of this post there isnt a lot known about the place other than its WAY COOL! Check the video on YouTube for proof of that. Video was done by Barney Blankenship by the way.

Anyway…the park is located in Narrows Virginia. Not exactly sure of its location but more info can be found on the website. Pretty sure Barney told me the guys name is Doug and I do have his number, but wont publish that for sake of privacy.

Check out the site!

And the video…

And here is another, newer video…

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