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Club Night Fly (8/11/2018)

Come on out and join us for another  Night Fly.  This will be held Saturday August 11th. We will be flying all day and into the night so come early and stay late!

Contact Mark  or  Danny regarding food.  Its not been decided at this time whether it will be Pot Luck or Pizza.  Bring your own drinks and a desert if you wish.


August 7, 2018   No Comments

Summers End Night Fly 9/23/2017

Our Summer Ending Night Fly for 2017 will be held Saturday September 23rd. We will be flying all day and into the night so come early and stay late!

Contact Mark  or  Danny regarding food.  Its not been decided at this time whether it will be Pot Luck or Pizza.


September 20, 2017   No Comments

Night Fly 8/5/2017

Our 2nd Night Fly for 2017 will be held Saturday August 5th. We will be flying all day and into the night so come early and stay late!

Cost is $10.00 per club member to help cover costs. Also, if anyone cares to bring additional chips or desserts…please do.

Everyone planning on attending should contact Mark Crews so we can be sure to have enough food to feed everyone.


July 31, 2017   No Comments

Flickr Site Integration

I got together with Patrick and was able to integrate his Pirates of the Sky Flickr stream into our site. This way he wont have to send out emails each time he uploads pics to the Flickr album.

Once hes done uploading images to the Flickr site, they will immediately be available for viewing on this site. Just simply click on the POtS Flickr Photos under the Navigation menu and it will display the latest 20 photos uploaded. If you would like to see more simply click on the “older” link at the very bottom to navigate all of the photos.

I hope you enjoy this newest addition to the website.

POts Webmaster

June 19, 2017   3 Comments

Civil Air Patrol Day

Greetings and Salutations Fellow Flyers!

We will be visited by some youngsters from the Bluefield and Beckley Civil Air Patrol (CAP) chapters this Saturday from noon until 4:00PM. They will be here to observe some of our flying ‘skills’ and we will have at least two trainer planes up so they can take turns at flying a plane. Feel free to come do some flying in what is predicted to be some great weather.

Sunday’s forecast is not as good as Saturdays, but its still looking pretty good until later in the day.

Another reminder: Our Adopt-A-Highway clean-up is scheduled for Sunday, 28 September. Gathering at the field at 11:00AM – sharp should ensure we get the job done around noon.

See y’all there, Sarge

September 19, 2014   No Comments

Night Fly

Come join us for our 2nd Night Fly of the season. So bring your night flyers and come join us for the fun!

The date is Saturday, August 2nd 2014.

July 30, 2014   No Comments

Just a Truckin’

Nope…the Grateful Dead arent back on tour!

February 25, 2014   No Comments

Club Meeting 2014

There will be a club meeting at Ryan’s in Princeton on Sunday January 12th @ 2:00PM.

It will be held in the veterans banquet room in the rear.

Everyone is encouraged to come and bring your family too if you wish.

Hope to see you there!

January 10, 2014   No Comments

Story time with “Sarge” #2

The typical definition of a stick fight:
Stick fighting is a generic term for martial arts which use simple long slender, blunt, hand-held, generally wooden ‘sticks’ for fighting such as a staff, cane, walking stick, baton or similar weapon.

The RC pilot’s definition of stick fight:
Flying Slow Stick airplanes (aka ‘Sticks’) with steamers attached in aerial combat where the objective is to successfully cut off your adversary’s streamer. Once a plane’s streamer has been cut, that pilot is out of the game and lands his plane. The last plane flying without a cut streamer wins the fight.

The Story:
The photos below show that its easy to lose more than just a steamer in the heat of battle. My blue Slow Stick met Danny’s red Slow Stick in a resounding “CRUNCH!!!” with everyone watching letting out a collective “OOOOHHH!!!”

As proven in the photos, Danny officially ‘won’ the battle with me, but we both lost the war to Randy who was flying the third plane in the first photo. Fortunately, the planes can be rebuilt quite affordably, which is why we use them in the first place.

Thanks to Patrick, our club photographer extroidanaire, we now have photographic documentation of our epic STICK FIGHT!!!!!

Sarge “I ain’t broke, but I’m badly bent!”

September 18, 2013   No Comments

Story time with “Sarge” #1

by: Greg Sargent

After a nice level pass over the runway, I took it up high for some inverted flight when out of nowhere I spot another fast flyer and immediately take evasive maneuvers!

Luckily neither plane nor bird were hurt, but apparently it scared the Osprey even more than me as evidenced by the last photo!!!

(Special thanks for these great photos taken by fellow club member Patrick Cline)

August 5, 2013   1 Comment