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Story time with “Sarge” #1

by: Greg Sargent

After a nice level pass over the runway, I took it up high for some inverted flight when out of nowhere I spot another fast flyer and immediately take evasive maneuvers!

Luckily neither plane nor bird were hurt, but apparently it scared the Osprey even more than me as evidenced by the last photo!!!

(Special thanks for these great photos taken by fellow club member Patrick Cline)

August 5, 2013   1 Comment

Mowing Schedule 2013

The mowing schedule has been added to our Event Calendar. To check if it is your day to mow, simply hover your mouse above the date in question and a pop-up will show more details.

You can forward through the calendar by using the left and right arrows to progress through the months.

The Event Calendar can be found under the left-hand side Navigation menu.

May 12, 2013   No Comments

Club Meeting 1/27/2013

We will have a club meeting at Ryan’s Restaurant in Princeton at 2:00PM on Sunday the 27th of January 2013. This meeting is only open to current club members.

In order to justify the reservation for the room at Ryan’s, all club members are urged to attend if at all possible. We dont have many meetings outside of the field, so please do your best to attend.

The itenary for this meeting has yet to be decided.

January 11, 2013   1 Comment

Cows @ PotS RC!!!!

This message per Greg Sargent…

Fellow Pirates,

We have confirmed that they will be releasing cows on the pasture where our field is located as early as this weekend. We need to gather to run some electric fencing around our section to keep them from completely ruining our field and various things we keep there …not to mention keeping their ‘by-products’ off our area!

We have already acquired the materials, so this Friday 5 October, those of us who can are going to gather at the field at 10:00am to do the job. Anyone who can be there to help would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you Friday morning at 10:00 o’clock, Sarge

P.S. EVERYONE needs to REMEMBER to shut the main gate and our new ‘electric gate’ behind them as they enter and exit the field once the livestock is there – NO EXCEPTIONS!

October 3, 2012   No Comments

Fall Campout/Night Fly

Come join us this Saturday…September 15th 2012 for our final NightFly/Campout for 2012.

With the temparatures at night already starting to drop, not sure how many will acutally be “camping out”….but the night flying should be a lot of fun for everyone.

Bring or tell a friend!

September 13, 2012   No Comments

New Photos Uploaded 9/12/2012

Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally got around to uploading some new photos to our gallery.

These are the photos for Wally’s Squadron 2012 as well as our 2012 Labor Day weekend Float Fly.

To view these simply click on Photos under the Categories section of the website. You will see the albums there.


September 12, 2012   No Comments

Summer Campout/Night Fly

Our first campout/nightfly for 2012 was a great success!

Great food and fun was had by all that attended. Danny and Randy grilled up some killer burgers and dogs and the light equipped planes were out in full force.

What started out to be a soggy evening full of thunder storms and wet canopies…turned out to be a great night for night flying with a tad bit of fog mixed in here and there.

Be sure to check out the Misc. Photos in the “Photos” section of the site to see some cool extended exposure shots Patrick did. Here is a link for those lazy folk! LOL …

Clicky Here

The only brave souls who actually “camped” were Joe and Johnny. So hopefully more people will take advantage of camping the entire night the next one…which is slated for sometime after Labor Day in September. Check back on the site for more info on that later, as a Calendar Event will be posted when its decided on the date.

Until then…Happy Flying!

July 15, 2012   2 Comments

New Mower

We got a new mower (well, new to us anyway) thanks to the generous contribution of Dallas Miller of Bluefield, WV.

Our old mower has seen its better days and hopefully with a little “wrenching” the replacement mower will serve us for many years to come.

Things like mowing the field can certainly be taken for granted…so its nice to know that we wont have to worry about repairing the old mower.

June 15, 2012   1 Comment

Annual Night Fly/Campout

The Annual Night Fly/Campout will be held Saturday, July 14th 2012.

We plan on having a good time flying and lying (you know its more fun to just tell lies to one another at the flying field than fly anyway, right?)

Mark your calendar now and be sure not to miss this one! Or just check our Event Calendar here on the site…Ive already added it.


June 11, 2012   No Comments

2012 Spring Float Fly(Memorial Day Weekend)

We would like to take this time to thank everyone that attended the annual Pirates of the Sky Spring Float Fly event. Everyone in attendance had a great time and the weather ended up being really nice for both days.

There was plenty to eat and lots of nice models were in attendance as well. Especially nice was the Cananda Air float plane that Randy Hebb brought out for its maiden flight…errrrrr voyage. A lot of photos by Patrick are already uploaded and can be seen here…

2012 Spring Float Fly Photos.

Also, a nice video was produced and shot by Barney Blankenship of the Wytheville Va club. It can be seen here…

Barney’s Video

While the turnout was down a little from previous years, everyone in attendance had a lot of fun and not too many models met their “experiation date” this time around. So things will be fine for the next one we will have in the fall over the Labor Day weekend. If you missed this one, check out our event calendar for the next one.

Till next time!

May 30, 2012   No Comments