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Just a Truckin’

Nope…the Grateful Dead arent back on tour!


February 25, 2014   No Comments

Spy Hawk 2/1/2014



Submitted by Patrick Cline

February 2, 2014   No Comments

Some 450 flyin’


Still getting used to the GoPRO HD2 camera.  I call the headband deal a “Geek Mount” as it makes you feel all geeky when wearing it, but…it does capture some pretty decent video.  So, when you cant bring your own “Patrick” along,…err…camerguy.  Get a GoPRO!  😉

October 13, 2013   No Comments

Johnny’s Extra 300s (ZDZ 40)


May 11, 2013   5 Comments

Stryker Chase

Well, after a few failed attempts to do this (ie, camera battery dead, sdcard full, etc..) we finally got a video done.

This is a video shot from JohnnyB’s F27 “C” stryker using a miniDV cam strapped to the hatch. Its a lot harder than you think to keep another stryker (Danny’s F27 “Q” model) in view, given the miniDV camera is not wide angle.

The video isnt great…but you will catch glimpses of Danny’s stryker from time to time. We were really close a lot of the time…but Danny’s plane was most of the time “just out of view of the camera”. You can also see Patrick’s Flip/Flop 3D or whatver it is called.

Anyway, enjoy!

Web Admin

October 2, 2012   No Comments

Trex450 Forward Flight Video


Johnny’s 450 clone

September 19, 2012   No Comments

Cool Ariel Video of New River/Narrows Viginia

Thanks for submitting this Barney!


August 8, 2012   No Comments

Randy’s Yak54


Not real sure of the date of this video. Would have to be around the 1st or 2nd Saturday in July 2012.

Video by Patrick Cline

July 14, 2012   1 Comment

Killer Scale RC Crawler

This guy really is talented. He carved the body out of a block of wood! Think this whole rig was hand made. Even has a driver that hand steers the wheel!

Check it out!


And here is a video of the guy making a wood body. Can you say FOUR SOLID DAYS???


June 20, 2012   No Comments

Cool RC copters play James Bond theme song

Students from the Penn’s School pf Engineering and Applied Science have been playing around with some quadrocopters, and their latest video is one of the coolest to date.

In the video below, you will see a swarm of quadrocopters playing the James Bond theme on real instruments, with the tiny robots landing on organ keys, beating a drum and more to play the theme tune.


March 9, 2012   No Comments