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Johnny’s Extra 300s (ZDZ 40)


1 admin { 05.11.13 at 6:43 PM }

Have owned this plane for 2 years, engine too! But never could get it to run. Well, new carb and LOTS of tinkering…I think I have it sorted out.

Starts pretty easy and idles and transitions really well. Always heard about the crisp throttle response of the ZDZ engines…well, its true. Thing is sweet!


2 Tim { 01.08.14 at 10:12 PM }

Hey Johnny !! I have the same plane and engine . My question is , how is the engine mounted ? Did you cut the box off and use standoff or mount to the box ?

Thanks in advance …..Tim

3 Tim { 01.08.14 at 10:13 PM }

I would love to see pictures of engine mount and setup ..

4 admin { 01.10.14 at 9:45 AM }


No, I did not cut the box. I did however reinforce it with some glass and thinned epoxy. Also, since the ZDZ 40 I used is the rear carb model I had to cut a pretty large hole in the firewall to pass the carb into the box, but it worked out fine. I dont have a lot of flights on this plane so I dont know how long term durability will be, but with the reinforcements I made with adding extra glass to the box and eopoxy I feel it will be fine.

I will look to see if I have any pics of the engine during the build and post them up here.

Thanks for looking
Johnny (aka webdude)

5 admin { 01.10.14 at 9:53 AM }

Just looked and dont have any pics of the engine with cowl off.

I used some 1/2″ standoffs from an old zenoah mount. But you could use some nuts or even stack washers to get the engine out far enough fit the cowl.

The hardest part on this model and gas engine is connecting the choke and throttle servos up inside the fuse where you cant see or fit a screwdriver.

Plane is heavy but flies good. Its not a 3D plane but seems to be a pretty decent acrobat.


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