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About Us

Pirates of the Sky RC Club is a family friendly not for profit club located in Southern West Virginia, Mercer County to be more specific.  Our mission is to provide a safe, structured, and friendly environment in which persons of all ages can enjoy the exciting world of “radio control” models.

Today, radio control models come in many different configurations and propulsion types. From electric and gas powered aircraft, both fixed wing and helicopters…to cars, trucks, boats and more.  We plan to have several public demonstrations during the year, including several events at Glenwood Park, to showcase the different types of RC models available today.

We have recently secured a new RC field and are a chartered member of the AMA (American Modelers Association).  We are excited for the opportunity to renew our efforts to provide a supervised fun activity alternative for the young people of our community.

Our goal is to interact with schools within our county by inviting any young person who may be interested, to come and learn about this interesting and exciting hobby.  We also encourage adults of any age, with or without children, to also explore our hobby.

Our club will provide several different trainer model types and instruction at no charge to anyone interested in picking up this wonderful pastime.Experienced instructors are always available to advise and train new people.

For months our organization was forced to use facilities of several RC Clubs located in West Virgina, as well as Virginia.  With the move to our now permanent location in Mercer County…we will be able to accomodate new members and begin the process of expansion that will allow us to achieve our goal of helping provide another great recreation activity for our community.